Seriously people….today was the day Tracy warned me about if you watched my original interview where i was informed that if i was chosen for the Get Fit Club I would have to appear in a bathing suit and was asked if that would be a problem! You’ll have to go to and under lifestyles pick Get Fit Club where you will find my bio and my answer!

Today our challenge was at the Dr. Phillips YMCA pool but you’ll have to wait several weeks for this episode to air….i know, i bet the suspense and anticipation is killing you! HA!

After the pool we met with our esteemed nutritionist, Sharon. This time, we were invited to bring a dish to share with everyone and those of us who brought something were asked to explain our dishes. It is interesting to see how we know relate and make our food choices! And they decided to film us eating these choices….which i personally thought was a bad idea…i mean really…wasn’t it enough to see us in bathing suits….do you really want to show fat people eating?? it’s just not a pretty sight….oh well, hopefully that part will end up on the cutting room floor!

And just to make sure before the word gets out to my team-mates….i “cavorted” with “the enemy”! After all was said and done i went to the locker room to gather my stuff to leave. Purple Reign “girls” Cheri and Stephanie were in the sauna and invited me to come in and chat for a few minutes and so of course, i did. What lovely, sweet girls! Glad i got a chance to know them a little better.  But as much as i might like them….we still plan to kick some purple butt!! See ya next week chickies!! (Let’s all hang out in the sauna after)


OMG…the pain in my right knee has become almost unbearable! I fell last month in a store and landed on both knees. I probably should get checked but no job/no insurance! But thems the “breaks”. I’m probably one of the few women that is actually looking forward to being OLDER! I’m 58 so i’ve got a few more years till Medicare kicks in. However, i’m wondering if i should put my name on a list now for a senior residence! Anyone know if any of them allow cats? cuz, i’m taking my cats….regardless! Yes….for those who don’t know yet….i am the crazy cat lady! You remember when you were a kid and there was always ONE crazy cat lady in the neighborhood? Well, i’m the one for neighborhood (although i do have some competition from other, mostly single women in my “hood”!

Anyway, back to the pain for just a moment. I am grateful to our trainers at the YMCA who work with us who have some limitations and they know how to modify so we can still get a workout! There are no excuses to not workout and I have actually found myself looking forward to going! Never, ever would i have imagined THAT!

I am also aware of my eating and making sure I plan on eating and not skipping meals as was my biggest downfall. Who would have thunk you would gain weight by not eating! I would go all day on only coffee and then hunker in around 7p with large dinner plate then munch on chocolate and/or icecream till bedtime! Now i’m so cognizant of my eating…i make sure i eat something within one hour of waking up and i’m trying to incorporate more fruits/vegetables and juices (100% juices and V8) and i’m also aware of portion size. Our wonderful nutritionist, Sharon, calls it portion-distortion! And when i go out to eat i now always bring half home for the next day! Look at all the money i’m saving too!! another bonus!


warmly, sunny

Oh sure…the exercising is hard..some of it more than others, but with great and patient coaches showing us the correct way and team members “pushing” gently and encouragingly on…it makes it “easier”. And of course, it’s true…no pain, no gain!
The suffering I’m talking about is the eating! I’m eating more than I ever have and I’m still not meeting my calorie goals set by our wonderful nutritionist, Sharon! She has me at 1800 calories! Well, technically that’s not a whole lot…if I were still eating my favorite “food” Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream! That was the first ad I would look for in the grocery inserts to see if it was on sale as it’s too pricey otherwise. And i would always call my friend, Tony, and tell him where it’s on sale so we could “stock up”! Seriously! Sorry Tony, you’re on your own…unless of course, my journey motivates you and your lovely wife, Sylvia, to join me…she and I could sure pack away some ribs on Tuesday night at Sonny’s all you can eat ribs! We put a’hurtin’ on them! Trust me! Anyway, back to the Blue Bell….one night, while eating out of the carton I read that apparently there is 14 servings! I considered writing a complaint letter to the company as I was only getting 3 or sometimes 2 servings! I was getting “gyped”! And although Sharon, the nutritionist, God bless her soul…tells us we can have these “foods” just watch the portions (calories/fats etc)…i don’t have the “strength” (yet) to control that one! And so, like the alcohol I gave up 23 plus years ago (recovering AA)…i will leave the Blue Bell alone!

See, my real issue regarding the eating has been that apparently I have had my body in starvation mode because since I was a teenager I would go all day without eating and then would eat at night. I am no longer a teenager but a “full-blown” adult 58 years old and am training my mind and body to treat it right. I now, make sure I eat within one hour of getting up! I’m still working on the rest of the day….but it’s coming slow but sure and the weight is coming off! Slow but sure….at least now, I’m headed in the right direction!

I feel extremely fortunate to have been one of 24 chosen for this journey. It began with an essay submitted online to Channel 6, the local cbs affiliate. My “story” was/is “fat-fifties=and fired”! I had lost my job of eleven and one-half years at a local pediatric hospital (so much for job security) and now in my late fifties, having to look for a job! My prospects were terrifying and my low self-esteem was even lower. And to qualify for the Get Fit Club I had to be overweight and write a decent essay. Thankfully that was no problem! Based on my essay I was called to come in for an interview! The sun had broken through the clouds!!

I am thankful for this opportunity and feel so fortunate to be with such a great group as the Orange Team! What a great group of people and I know without a doubt that the support of this dynamite group is helping me with this journey. Thank you Tracy Richardson, executive producer for picking me…i won’t let you down! And thank you to the YMCA for this opportunity providing us with a fantastic nutritionist, Sharon and for the wonderful coaches, Jonathan, Kellie and Kelsi who are molding us, slowly, in to shape! Although, round is a shape…it is a shape i no longer wish to be in!

And as far as being fired? Well, other than looking for a job, I am using this opportunity to write the novel I started writing six years ago. That is what motivated me to join the Get Fit Club Challenge. I do not want to look like I look on the back cover of my novel!

Find what motivates YOU and join me/us…on this journey!

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